Mobile Party Bar Hire

Party Bar Hire
At the The Event Bar Company we provide Mobile Party Bar Hire for all occasions including birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, engagements.

We understand the bar at any of the above is quite often the focal point of the party and needs to run smoothly and efficiently. We want guests entertained and watered (not necessarily in this order!!) right from the start to the last call of the bell.

We work with you to install the wow factor!! This can include, square bars, LED Bars, Round Bars, any bars and  a range of accessories from frozen cocktail machines, tailored cocktail lists, vodka Louges or even back packs for shots. We at the Event Bar Company know that the sky is the limit and by working together help you achieve your goal. Our Service start from as little as £0.00, yes that right you can have a bar for FREE contact us now.